The best after-baby dresses + my new diaper bag

button down blue dress

It feels so great to start to feel like my old self in my old body once again! Like most things, I went into labor just expecting the worst when it came to my post-partum body (or I guess I just had no expectations, which is probably for the best). Now I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling a little bit more like my old self - slowly but surely. 

One thing I have quickly realized was the need for tops and dresses that would make breastfeeding a bit more accessible- especially if we are out and about and on the go. This dress was one I bought before Jett was born, and it was one of the first ones I wore out of the house because of the button down front. I don't think I typically would have picked out this type of dress normally, but I am glad I did, as its quickly becoming one of my favorites! When I went to link this dress, I was sad to see its already sold out, but I have linked all my other button down favorites for stylish new mamas on the go!

And I cannot forget to mention my FAVORITE new accessory- this Honest Co. Diaper backpack! I had posted a few months ago looking for some suggestions on good leather backpack options that I could use as a diaper bag, and I found this one to be my favorite! Tons of storage, it goes with everything, the size is just right, and just being able to wear it on my back - hands free to hold Jett or whatever else I need has been great. I highly recommend it!