Adjusting to life as a new family of 3 (and our first family photos!)

first family photos jett

We have had little Jett in our lives for almost two weeks now and even though many days seem long and the nights even longer, I can't believe how quickly time has gone by.

It was to be expected that life was going to change dramatically with baby Jett and even though I knew those changes would include less sleep and lots of dirty diapers, it's really hard to prepare with books or classes or advice from other parents. You just have to experience life one day at a time, learning and adjusting day by day.

So here we are 12 days in and life now looks like this:

Jett is overall a great baby! We only had a few small issues breastfeeding in the beginning as both of us were learning but now things are running more smoothly by the day. He seems to get hungry on the dot about every two hours or so and in the night is pretty good about giving us one or two - three hour chunks of sleep at a time. It's funny how now three hours of sleep at a time is a luxury and I cherish those uninterrupted chunks! So far we have only had two nights that were frustrating and long (due to our breastfeeding hiccups) but the last week we have been so lucky and (crossing my fingers) we have found our groove (for now at least). I actually don't mind getting up in the middle of the night with him, most of the time. I love my little spot in his nursery on the glider and I'm even able to work on the blog or edit photos while he feeds. But again, thank goodness for those two and three hour chunks!

We have run into a few episodes of gas and an upset tummy that has caused a few long crying episodes but B has become a legitimate baby whisperer and can most of the time calm him down until he falls asleep.....and while were on that subject, we have actually made a great team, Brandon and I. Most of my job is dedicated to feeding him (hands down the most time consuming), but Brandon is always happy to help changing Jett, soothing him, rocking him, and has become a pro at swaddling him! We're talking old-school swaddling with blankets... he quickly turns Jett into a perfectly wrapped Chipolte baby burrito. He have found his calling, and will probably be applying to Chipolte soon!

This week has been so much cooler than his first week at home and we have been taking advantage of it! We have been sitting outside on the porch, going on morning walks and even went to Brandon's sand volleyball game last night as little guy was all tightly contained in my Moby wrap (which he absolutely loves!) It has been a great week for me too, as last week it was really tough on me to stay indoors and not step outside even once all day long! It does wonders on my mood to be a little more active and get some outside time.

Even with the struggles (that are few and far between, we are really, really lucky!) everyday has been an adventure and the highs definitely outweigh the lows! Baby Jett is such a blessing and we both agree that we had no idea we could love him THIS much! Some of my favorite moments are after waking up in the morning, holding him while we are still in bed and watching him look up at the world around him, making little faces and accidental smiles. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect little dude!