38 weeks


You are almost done being subjected to these weekly updates! Hopefully just 2 (or less) more!!

Size: Baby is now the size of a head of romaine lettuce and is about 19.6 inches long and 6.8 pounds (at this point he could be much bigger or smaller..but I’m hoping he’s not TOO big just yet!)

How far along: 38 weeks

Sleep: Had a few nights last night I couldn't really get comfortable, this belly is just getting so big!

 Food Cravings: nothing really, still iced coffee drinks but food choices feel limited as nothing really strikes my fancy lately! 

Food Aversions: none

 Symptoms: Heartburn issues have gotten a lot better as I know the baby has dropped, but now feeling the pressure of his head down low and I can definitely feel it if I go on a long walk with Mochi. 

 Workouts: Lots of walks with Moch, still jumping on the bike when I can, and lots of stretching to battle my stiff and achy back

 Doctor's Appointments: weekly appointments now, and last week I wasn't dilated yet but babe is head down and low! I have my next appointment today, so we will see where we are at now.

  Movement: I have a super active and squirmy little guy! 

 Best moment of the week: We went to Lake of the Ozarks for a long weekend, and it was a great little getaway with family. It’s hard to believe next time we come down, little man will be with us! We know he will love the lake just like his parents! We also spent a day cleaning up the house, installing the car seat and figuring out our stroller. I am SO close to being done with the nursery, just a few more finishing touches. Otherwise we have clothes washed and ready to go, diapers and wipes stocked up and a glider chair waiting for baby C’s arrival.

What I am looking forward to: Come on baby Cusick! We’re ready for ya!