Must-Have Baby Essentials

baby must have essentials

I have been putting together this list of items that are either already in my home, (or on my wishlist!) and realized how over half of them I become aware of through Instagram and seeing other mamas post a photo or share how much they loved them. So first off I just want to say how crazy (yet awesome) both Instagram and bloggers in general have changed the way I shop for things! So to keep the good word going, I wanted to share these things that I am most excited about to use with baby C!

Orbit Stroller system

This system is just so cool! There are so many stroller options out there, but Orbit just seems genius! Each stroller is totally customizable and my favorite feature is how the seat has a 360 degree rotation that allows you to rotate the seat without taking your baby out first.

The Honest Co. leather diaper bag

I had a vision of a caramel leather backpack to use as a diaper bag, and at first was looking through regular leather backpacks in stores, trying to find one with enough space and pockets to hold everything I needed on the go. When I saw The Honest Co. bag, it was an instant purchase because it had everything I needed (and wanted!) in a diaper bag! Plus its so much easier than a side bag to carry, and lets just face it- it's stylish and I will WANT to wear it..because it will go with all of my outfits!

Solly Baby Wrap

Again, another product I found on Instagram! I know there a lot of baby wraps out there, and for some reason, this company just really seemed so appealing to me. I have yet to order this one (definitely high on my wish list!) because I am deciding between the Natural & Grey stripe or the AJJ X Solly Baby..what do you think??


Dock-a-tot was one of those products I first came across when scrolling through Instagram… and then kept seeing it and knew I just had to have one! I loved the idea of having something I could safely set the little guy in while I am doing things around the house. After doing some research, I really liked the product for its safety features- its been tested for breathability, its all natural 100% cotton and harmful chemical-free certified. I went for the Dock-a-tot Deluxe which is good for babies 0-8 months, but there is also a Grand size great for toddler bed transitions for little ones 9-36 months. I went for the silver chevron pattern for my Dock (let’s be honest I am just a little obsessed with grey lately!) but there are tons of great patterns to match any nursery aesthetic you may be going for! For 10$ off shop for your Dock-a-tot through my coupon code HERE! 

The Ollie Swaddle

I remember in our birthing class, one of sessions we learned about infant care and got to practice swaddling on baby dolls. At first it was really confusing - which way to wrap the blanket and where to tuck it in.  Then some friends told us about swaddles made with velcro-making the wrapping process MUCH easier. And when looking at different velcro-options online, I came across The Ollie World swaddle. At first glance it may look like your typical swaddle, but after reading more and watching the online video tutorial I was sold. Known as the “smarter swaddle”, The Ollie World is made from moisture wicking fabric and is so soft to the touch. It has a custom fit that can meet the need of whatever size your little one is.. from birth until he reaches that point where he doesn’t need to be swaddled any longer. My favorite aspect of The Ollie is how it makes it easier for a diaper change - no need to take off the entire swaddle- just untie the bottom and make the change! Get 5$ off HERE!

Baby Binxy shopping cart hammock

I have always loved making grocery store trips, I always happily volunteer for that job in our house! We are trying to cook at home more, and it has been fun finding new recipes and dishes to try even if its just once or twice a week. When baby comes, I am still planning on making my grocery store runs with him in tow. I had seen a few products for making it easier to bring along your babe, but my favorite has been the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock. When he is really small, the hammock is outfitted to hold your entire car seat- an easy transition from car to cart! But as he gets a bit older, he can just lay right in the hammock! This will be a staple for my trips to the store so we can continue cooking at home meals and get little mans eating habits started right early! The hammock fits most grocery store carts and can support up to 50 pounds in weight and has been safety tested. For 10% off at the Binxy Baby online store click on my coupon code HERE!

Baby Boy clothes from Lenny Lemons

Of course I am excited to dress our little guy! I have already ordered a few outfits from Lenny Lemons, but how cute is this Littlest Fox Set?? Its on sale too!

Lorena Canals machine washable rug

We have a two story home, and our nursery is located on the upper floor. While designing the nursery, I knew I needed to have a dedicated baby zone on the first floor as well as I will be spending a lot of time on our main level. We don’t have an extra playroom, however we have the perfect corner space in the living room that was previously just sitting empty, and will now be occupied with the babies things… and a place where we can do tummy time, or just sit in our Mamaroo. When looking for a rug for the space, I knew keeping it clean might be a challenge, especially as little man gets older and the space turns into his play area. Lorena Canals rugs is perfect for nurseries and play areas because it is machine-washable!( (and fits into my standard washer and dryer!) It is handmade with all natural dyes, and is eco friendly-containing no VOC’s (like most carpeting and rugs). There are so many cute designs and patterns it was hard to choose, but I ended up going with the Biscuit Grey rug with the fun cutout trim pattern. Lorena Canals makes rugs for adult spaces too, and again all machine washable! I don’t think I will go back to buying regular-old rugs again!