Bella Napoli

naples travel diary

After spending a weekend in Florence, it was now time to head to Positano for wedding week... the week we all had been anticipating for so long! The trip from Florence to Positano was a good 5 and a half hours, and we decided to add Naples to the itinerary-staying just one evening and departing for Positano the next day. Brandon had briefly been to Naples, and hadn't had the best first impression - and to be honest my expectations were very low, just because what I had heard through others here and there. Maybe it was because our expectations were low, but we were VERY pleasantly surprised with Naples!

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Excelsior right on the water, overlooking the ocean with Mt. Vesuvius towering in the background. The hotel had a rooftop bar were we enjoyed drinks and took in fantastic views (good ol' Coke for this preggo lady) ! All we really had time for here in Naples was dinner and a little bit of exploration before heading to Positano in the morning, so we asked our hotel concierge for his recommendations on where to go walk around and grab some dinner. The streets were packed with people, and for the first time we noticed that everyone around us were locals rather than tourists, which was really fun to experience because we have been so used to being surrounded by people in big groups with cameras and maps trying to find their way. 

After winding through the packed streets, just taking in our surroundings, we walked along the water, admiring the setting sun against the horizon before arriving at a pizza restaurant our hotel had recommended. Again, maybe our expectations were low, but we had one of the best pizza/pasta meals of the entire trip! B will still say to this day that it was the best pizza he has ever had, which is a big statement coming from him as he lived in Italy and ate his way through a lot of pizza that year!

With full and happy tummies, we made our way back to our hotel (stopping for gelato on the way home of course) ready to set off to Positano the next morning.