Overalls & a little bit of life lately


It's Monday yet again which surprisingly enough, has me in a really good place both mentally and physically, which is a big contrast to how I felt on Saturday (and a lot of the week last week for that matter). Now I realize that most of my stories lately have been related to baby or pregnancy, or my growing belly, but I am just going to embrace that because this blog is here to capture my true thoughts, feelings and experiences, and when it comes down to it- that is life right now! So I apologize to those totally uninterested in pregnancy- go ahead and click away if you’d like, no hard feelings!

Last week was a tough one as it seems as soon as week 30 hit, my body suddenly seemed to feel that extra weight. It was more of a challenge to my mental state as I am used to being very active, while staying relatively pain free. And now that this extra weight is bearing down on my back and pelvis, any weight-bearing activity weight has brought up more and more pain that has lingered and made doing things I love like running or playing sports really painful. After a few days of taking it easy, and investing in a trusty maternity support belt I am so extremely happy that I am feeling pretty good once again. I have made peace with the fact I had to give up running, tennis, or anything that requires bouncing around until after this babe is born and now I just get my endorphins strictly from spin class, light weights and walking.  So thankful that getting on my bike is extremely low impact and I can still really work up a sweat on it!

As far as clothes go- lately it’s been about 80 degrees out and I can comfortably wear dresses most of the time. I have a couple pairs of jeans I still wear on occasion, and these overalls still fit this growing bump too! I have always been a fan of overalls, no matter how much they make me look like farmer Jane.  I’m hoping I can still get a few more wears in before the baby gets too big and I can’t squish in them anymore! I have even been eyeing a pair of white overalls- but probably will put off buying them until after July 17th!