Five lace up heels for summer

maroon long sleeve dress
maternity style

I love the lace-up trend that I am seeing everywhere these days. I think its been a few years since I first saw the trend and loved it but I am happy that it has stuck around for a little while. I love these particular shoes because from day 1 they fit like a glove - no breaking in needed. I hate when I get a really cute pair of shoes only to realize that they aren't practical and the only times I can wear them are in situations where little to no walking is involved before my feet break out in blisters. I have found a couple of others in nude tones that I also love. I think most of my shoe collection is nude - It makes it so much easier to mix and match with whatever I am wearing!

Its Friday all, I hope you have a great weekend! We have nothing but rain in sight and we will hopefully use that time to our advantage by getting things in order around the house and ready for baby!