Bumpin around Las Vegas

ribbed fitted dress

First of all... it's FRIDAY!! Hallelujah, I had a rough week getting caught up after enjoying some time away with family in Las Vegas, and with the time difference + the additional hour lost to daylight savings, I have been exhausted as I can't seem to fall asleep at night, and then when my alarm clock goes off in the morning it feels like I am getting up at 3 AM! Isn't that always how it goes? Vacation seems so problem free...until the day you return and then you realize the everyday life stuff is just waiting for you when you return! 

Ok, complaints done... 

Vegas was warm and wonderful. We spent our days at the pool, watched lots of college basketball, and got in lots and lots of walking. ( I think I mentioned this previously, but one of the days I logged 11 miles!)

It was nice to break out some warm weather clothes and strap on some open toed shoes and sandals. I am such a fan of dresses and I have a feeling I'll be wearing nothing but in these months to come as the baby continues to grow. I picked up a bunch of basic dresses in different colors from Forever 21 and on this trip made it through about 4 of them! I will always love the basics because you can wear it pretty simply as-is. or add a slouchy cardigan or structured vest and create a whole different look. I decided to keep it real easy as we were doing quite a bit of walking, with just the dress, simple jewelry, and an added kick with some red lipstick. 

And for one second can we talk about backpacks? Im obsessed. I picked up this one for less than 30$ and wore it the entire week!

Have a great weekend friends!



Backpack (similar, comes in 3 colors)


Lip color