20 weeks... halfway there!


It's week 20 and we are halfway there!!! It is really starting to set in that this baby is real and that in July we will officially be a family of three! (Well four if you count Mochi..and we definitely count Mochi) There is a lot to do but we are excited to get things moving!!

Size: Baby is now the length of a banana at 10 inches long

How far along: 20 weeks

 Total Weight Gain: 12 pounds

 Sleep: Sometimes I wake up hungry and have to get a midnight snack, but otherwise sleep has continued to be great!

 Food Cravings: I keep going back to our local grocery store that has a station you can load up the veggies/noodles/rice/protein that you want and they grill it for you. My go-to is lots of veggies, pad thai noodles and chicken and shrimp. I feel like I could eat it every day for lunch! I also really love this bottled iced coffee with coconut milk I get at the store and crave them frequently.

Food Aversions: I feel like I am back to eating my normal foods with no real aversions, hallelujah!

 Symptoms: Every now and then I will have some acid reflux or upset stomach, but for the most part the biggest "symptom" I have is a growing belly!

 Workouts: Still on my spin class kick and occasionally get in to lift weights. Always doing little boughts of yoga here and there especially right before bed because I feel like it helps me sleep better.

 Doctor's Appointments: Next regular checkup is mid March

 Movement: Last Monday I felt him move for the first time and ever since then been gradually feeling more movement more often. At night before I go to bed I get a full on "butterfly" sensation where it seems he is just rolling all around in there.

 Best moment of the week: Brandon got to feel a kick! He just happened to have his hand on my stomach and the baby hadn't even been active so it was totally unexpected when baby kicked and he felt it! It was only one little kick and then of course baby calmed down, but it was really exciting for both of us. 

 What I am looking forward to: I think now I am excited to just get everything in order and the nursery put together! Now that we are halfway I really can't wait to start personalizing babies room and making it a really cool little space. Last weekend we moved everything out of the room and now its about filling it with everything we need.

 What I miss? Maybe just wearing regular clothes. Otherwise I don't feel like I am missing out on anything really!

 What else? This week we are planning on getting registered and doing some furniture shopping for the nursery which I am really looking forward to! ALSO! I finally broke and bought some cute baby boy clothes. (I had been really trying to hold out, but a really good sale just reeled me in!)