I love olive


This weekend was a busy one!

Last week we promised ourselves that we would start working on the house and officially get the process started of getting ready for baby.  One of the biggest projects we had (and were avoiding for too long now) was rebuilding our current closet in our master bedroom. When we moved in, the closet was beautiful and a great size, but had two levels of hanging space across - which meant that I couldn't hang anything long like my dresses or coats. So for the past year my dresses have been hanging in our guest room closet, which you guessed it- will now become the nursery! So the first step in preparing the room was cleaning out that closet so it can actually be useful for baby items. It was a daunting project in my eyes, but a much needed one as I finally had an excuse to clean out old clothes as I was taking everything out for the rebuild. Several hours of demolition, repainting, and then rebuilding later and we now have a beautiful, functional closet that now houses ALL of my clothes. (Now the trick is just keeping it organized!)

My favorite color to wear of all time has to be olive green. (close 2nd is mustard yellow) And I think its because when I wear it, the green specs of my hazel eyes stand out a bit. When I found this satin olive maxi dress on sale it was love at first sight. Ok, super cheesy line for it just being a dress, but I loved it just the same. When I first bought the dress -my thought was to pair it with sneakers, even though I was a little worried my vision might not pan out the way I had hoped. However my instincts didn't steer me wrong this time, I really love the look of the satin with my Nikes!

Dresses + sneakers for life!

Happy Monday!