Gift Guide for the Mama-on-the-go's in your life

gift guide


The countdown is on! Two weeks until Christmas and if you are like me - you might still have a few people left on your list to find the perfect gift for. Today I have rounded up my favorite things that would make great gifts for the active-mama-on-the-go. (Or TBH, just things to treat to yourself especially as those New Years Resolutions are around the corner!;)

1. Ninja Bullet Blender

- For making smoothies and protein shakes that are easily whipped up and ready for you to tote on the go!

2. Honest Co. Diaper Bag

- This has become more than just a diaper bag for me. I put everything in it! It has become a gym bag..a purse.. it holds everything!

3. Headphones

- If you area gym-goer these are a must! These have changed my life since I upgraded from the basic apple ear-buds!

4. Gift certificate to Eat Fit Go

- These healthy meals are prepared fresh, then frozen and ready for you to pick up and take with you on the go. Easy to microwave, they have everything from breakfast tacos, to teryaki salmon- and the meals are labeled with calorie and macro counts!

5. Stroller Bunting Bag

-This will keep your baby nice and warm on winter walks!

6. Mebie Baby Swaddle Blanket

- I LOVE these swaddle blankets, all their designs and colors are beautiful. I have this cactus print style- and now that we don't use it as an actual swaddle anymore  and use it as a blanket for Jett when he is in his car seat.

7. Apple Watch Band

- I skipped the actual watch and went straight to the band! I know so many people already have fitness watches and monitors, and so getting a fun band for it is a great way to help make it a little more fun and personalized. Great stocking stuffer idea!

8. Pullover sweatshirt

- Perfect to put on over your workout clothes when you are on your way to a City Shape class!

9. Cute Activewear

- Can't go wrong with a cute new pair of leggings or workout tank! New clothes are the best for motivating you to get the gym, right? Honestly there are so many brands and styles that I love and would recommend, but here are some of my current favorites!

10. Beanie

-I love this faux fur pom beanie. Great for those winter walks with baby in the stroller bunting bag. 

11. Yoga Mat

- I actually use my Yoga mat daily, whether I actually do a Yoga or Barre class, or if I am just stretching at home on the ground. This one is just too cute and makes a great gift!

12. Slippers

-Always a good gift. Can't go wrong with a pair of slippers!

13. New Sneakers

- These are my favorite sneakers of all time. They are good to wear to the gym, or just to throw on to run errands.

14. Dry Shampoo

- Since finding this dry shampoo, I have cut down to washing my hair just twice a week! 

15. City Shape Membership

-A membership to City Shape would make an awesome gift for anyone in the KC area looking to try new fitness studios but not wanting to commit to just ONE studio. The membership has different options depending on how many classes you want per month, plus awesome perks to local healthy eateries and other local businesses! (this one is perfect to gift yourself in the New Year as well!)

16. Loungewear

- I live in these joggers on the weekends. Wear them at home, wear them to the store, these make comfy sweatpants more socially acceptable!

Happy Shopping!