Happy Hour

baby kisses

My favorite Happy Hour in town is at North Italia. We discovered their daily 3-6 happy hour menu last summer and it became Brandon and I's go-to on Monday nights. We would meet after work and split a pizza and bottle of red wine (20$ for the pair off the HH menu!...And we would get the remainder of the bottle sealed up to go because we weren't ever that ambitious on a Monday night!) I REALLY missed this combo when I was pregnant. I am not a big drinker by any means, but a little bit of red wine now and then is such a treat! We still would make it to happy hour every now and then for the 9 months I was pregnant, but I had been looking forward to the day we returned for the pizza+wine special since the day Jett was born.

We have been having such nice weather, that this week we decided we would make the long awaited return to North for Happy Hour to sit on the patio, sip a little vino and indulge in the pizza special of the day... this time with Jett in tow! 

I am still breastfeeding and if we are out and about for long periods of time, I need to make sure I am wearing something that makes that effort easier - and bring a cover - like a Milk Snob or scarf that doubles as a cover. This scarf is great for these cooler fall days as its light enough for 70 degree afternoons yet still qualifies as a fall accessory! And there is plenty of material so I can use it as a breastfeeding cover-up - easy peasy. This is yet another Blair Maxwell piece that I love! (see my Blair Maxwell tee here!) It has quickly become my favorite line of basics that I am pretty much living in these days! Check out all the other super-soft dresses and tees from Blair Maxwell here!

Happy Friday friends!