Jett Oliver: 3 Months

jett 3 months

Jett is now three months old!

Things are really starting to get fun as Jett is learning new skills and developing his personality daily! He is such a sweet little guy, always happy, and the rare moments he isn't don't last very long. His hair is starting to grow and become very fuzzy as its straight and sticks up - I'm sure until there is enough of it to lie down - but for now I have been calling him Mr. Fuzzy. Interchangeable with our other favorite nickname of the moment - Mr. Little. 

He is really starting to find his voice, playing around with the sounds he can make and loves to imitate you to the best of his ability. The last few days he has  rolled to his side a couple times and think that the full roll-over may be just around the corner! Jett is still a morning baby and absolutely loves waking up, making sounds, and kicking around for awhile before we actually get up for the day. Naps are getting so much better, and is fussing less and less when we put him down! We are still considering it a success if he naps for 40 min at a time - but hoping one day he may stretch those out a bit!! (for the benefit of me and my productivity!)

The pool has really grown on him and we know he is thoroughly enjoying swim school - even though his face always looks concerned or in deep concentration! His favorite part of our weekly swim class is to kick off the wall. He does so with total trust, laying on his back while I hold him. 

We have had success sleeping with his arms unswaddled and so happy we can make it through the night without waking himself up! He loves to chew on his hands, and I am sure if he does ever wake up - just a few chews on his fist puts him right back to sleep!

We love you Jett-babe!!