Saying goodbye to Venice


I can’t believe it!! The very last leg of our honeymoon. Venice is our last stop- we drove back up from Verona Wednesday morning and will leave tomorrow afternoon to head back to the US!  We have both been to Venice a couple times and this time we just really wanted to relax, shoot some photos, find a couple of good restaurants and wind down as we prepare to fly home. I think when your mind wraps around the fact that you are about to head home, your body follows suit by saying “hey I’m pretty tired from this long trip and the bed at home sounds pretty nice right about now” These last couple weeks were a constant go-go-go and I loved every minute of it, but the thought of home definitely sounds pretty great.

Venice is so crowded with tourists and I wish that one day I could capture it in its true glory- free of the thousands of people shuffling along, and free of the hundreds of street vendors trying to sell you toys and gadgets and paintings. But I still love the gondolas, the way the light of the sunset hits the canals, just the whole feel of Venice, a little city floating in the ocean.

We had lunch in a much less crowded square and ordered pizza and pasta, per usual, but this was the first time we had tried the bucatini noodle. Hands down our new favorite! A little thicker than a spaghetti noodle, and has a nice bite to it.. I am a big fan of a thicker “al dente” type of noodle!

We walked around St Marco’s square at sunset, watching the light bounce off the buildings, and taking advantage of every minute of the golden hour with our cameras. After our very last stop at a gelateria , we headed home to pack and get a good night’s sleep before our long trek home tomorrow.

This backpack was an integral part of this trip! I'm think I'm going to try to make wearing your backpack on the front the "new thing: :P