Garden Island of Kauai


We have been looking forward to this trip to Kauai to celebrate our good friends – Jon & Sarah’s wedding for over a year now! When we first got the inviteand the news it was a destination wedding in Hawaii, we were so excited and booked our tickets immediately. We had never been to this particular island, and had heard nothing but wonderful things- that this island was the best for people who love being active (which we do!). Kauai is known as the Garden Island for all of its greenery- it’s the least commercialized of the islands and has endless opportunities for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and exploring.

One of the first evenings, all the wedding guests climbed aboard a sunset cruise that took us from the south end of the island all the way up and around to its northernmost banks. The green covered mountains shoot up straight out of the ocean and are probably one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen! The catamaran took us right along the coast which provided for endless photo ops.

The group we met up with for the wedding were friends we met in Italy – Brandon’s classmates from CIMBA. It is always so much fun to catch up with everyone, and it’s such a hilarious group, I find myself laughing non-stop.

The wedding was beautiful and I was in love with the bridesmaids dresses- gorgeous! The whole wedding was classy yet at the same time so much fun.

And the food!! The food was amazing!

Trips like these always fly by. It’s funny how you look forward to something for an entire year, and when it actually comes time- the days come and go in an instant. Luckily we have photos right? (Gosh I love photos!...)