A few days in Napa

The last leg of our California trip!!

We were both really excited to spend time with our friends who live in Sonoma County, and do a full day of wine tastings in Napa! We had lined up tours at 2 wineries that we really wanted to see and left the rest of the day open to have lunch and stop in any other wineries that looked interesting to us.

I knew I had been missing out on the Napa hype, but finally seeing and doing it in person was probably my favorite part of our entire California trip! The weather, the sunshine, the grapes lined up in rows for miles and miles, it was just a beautiful and enchanting little valley. We taste countless red and white wines, and learned about the wineries themselves and the history of the California grape. B and I had been watching “Somme” on Netflix, and it made us appreciate wine more and were more interested in all aspects of the wine making process. Visting Napa was like the icing on the cake, and now whenever we drink wine, it just heightens the experience and makes it more meaningful.

We only spent a day and a half here before our trip came to an end and we flew back to Kansas City. But I feel like there is SO much more Napa has to offer that we definitely have to make a longer trip out next time!