laid back weekend feels

Everyone raves about fall. The crisp-cool mornings, the slouchy sweaters, the leather boots. To be completely honest, I try SO HARD to love fall, I really do. To me, fall is just the in-between season letting us know the glory days of summer are over and winter is next on deck. OKAY, I do LOVE the foliage. You got me there. I think if fall just stuck around until March, I would buy in and celebrate the day Starbucks released pumpkin spiced lattes for the season with the rest of the female population! Our fall so far has actually felt pretty summer-like. Short sleeves are still acceptable and I have been getting as much use out of my open toed shoes and destroyed jeans as possible! Our fall weekends have been wonderfully lo-key. Walks with the Mochi-man and brunch in Brookside has brought about a much needed change after a whirlwind of a summer. 

Now I have to brag on my husband for a sec. He bought me this Orvis hat with the black dog outline on the front. And he added one little perky ear with a sharpie so that it is now a perfect likeness of Mochi! (And you can't even tell its drawn in!) That guy knows the way to my heart, (and that way is anything Mochi-pup related because I am sure you can see by now I am a crazy dog mom.)

Long live warm weather!