Buried in Snow

We are up to our ears in the white stuff!! That is not an exaggeration- up to OUR EARS people!! After several consecutive Mondays of 1-2 feet of snowfall, we are starting to get a little stir-crazy as the massive piles hinder our ability to really get out and DO anything. Public transportation is struggling to be consistent and delays of HOURS is expected when trying to get in or out of the city. There is just not enough room for cars and buses and people AND 10 foot snow banks cutting most traffic lanes down to one or two lanes. This evening we decided we needed to get out of the tree house (what we have officially named our little apartment) and just take a walk. We find ourselves just laughing and saying "IS THIS REAL LIFE???" as we stare the snow banks down at eye level. Here are a few positive things I have come up with about the situation because in this scenario you HAVE to sift through and mentally note the good stuff to stay sane as you trudge on through the days of work to home to work to home to work once again:

1. Look at this sunset! Winter sunsets are kind of the best

2. Brandon ever so graciously gifted me with a Candian Goose jacket for my birthday with the purchasing power of my family and his to ensure I would stay warm this winter because warmth in the winter is something very hard to achieve for me. And it has been CRUCIAL to my survival. I am so warm underneath this big coat. Thank you everyone because these cold months would be pretty miserable without it!

3. We live half a block from some really good restaurants in Inman Square, and thankfully we can still walk there in sub 5 minutes to get ourselves out of the house when cooking at home seems too much of a chore.

4. This spring is going to be so much more appreciated!! Can't wait to say goodbye to the cold and hello to spring flowers and sunshine.


Two frozen popsicles covered in snow.