A New Years Eve that was Out of this World (literally!)

For New Years Eve this year, we made last minute plans with our friends, Jordan and Megan to have dinner over at their place and then just stay in and play card games- keep it pretty low key. I think that I am used to always having these high expectations about going out for New Years only for it to fall flat when we actually get there. This has happened so many times, that this year we thought we would do it differently. A night in with our good friends sounded like the perfect evening!

Well... that plan shifted a tiny bit after dinner. Another one of Brandon's friends called to see what we were up to and another idea popped into our heads. Brandon's friend, Dileep, is a member of the Harvard astronomy club. We had known this and always wanted to go with him to check out the big telescope on the roof of the science center on campus. Brandon thought this might be the perfect opportunity to check it out, I mean how cool of an experience would that be? We packed up some champagne and got an uber over to the science center where we met Dileep and headed to the roof- bundled up in our big winter coats and hats. 

It was a clear night and seeing the stars and the moon from the telescope was pretty incredible! (pretty chilly, but still incredible!) We also found a spot on the roof that had a perfect view of the fireworks on the river. At midnight we all gathered along the edge of the railing and watched as the fireworks lit up the Boston skyline. It was probably the most unique New Years Eve experiences I have had to date!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2015!!