Polka Dots in Florence (and all my other favorite polka dot picks)

red polka dot dress

Florence is probably my favorite cities in Italy. I first came here for a weekend trip with friends when I was studying for the summer staying in the Veneto region, north of Venice. I fell in love with it instantly and have been back three separate occasion since! This trip was a little pre-wedding meet up for us and our friends before heading down to Positano. I had been saving this red polka dot dress specifically for Florence- knowing its a lot hotter here than it was in the French Riviera, or it would be down in Positano. Something that is cotton and flows away from the body in 85 + degree heat is a must-wear! (Plus I had a feeling this red would serve as a good pop of color against the gothic style architecture seen everywhere in Florence... yes I'm a nerd and think about that sort of thing!)

Polka dots have always been a favorite pattern of mine, and when I see something polka-dotted, I am always drawn to it! I have linked all my favorite polka-dot picks for the summer above! (I really am eyeing that Tularosa blue and white polka dot dress!.. maybe post baby!?)

Its baby week everyone!! Baby watch has officially begun!!

Fitness + Pregnancy: what I do to stay in shape

Fitness + Pregnancy: what I do to stay in shape

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