When its raining all day on a Saturday in Boston...and you don't have a car...and you don't have any real plans.... most of those times you would find us indoors, taking the time to clean up our apartment, or watch a movie on Netflix. Trekking around outside means you have to have the right gear- rain boots, rain coats, umbrellas. After living here for two years I finally had bought my first pair of rain boots (ever! I have never owned a pair in my life!) and on days like these they have been a life saver! (or maybe just a feet-saver!) In an attempt to make the most of our weekend, we decided that we would gear up, and go wander around the city in the rain with our cameras in tow- searching for some cool shots.

When life gives you lemons- you make lemonade, right? Lemonade in the flavor of black and white, rainy-day photography.