The Story:

Meg was studying abroad in Italy in the summer of 2011. It was the first time she had traveled out of the country and during her studies in the tiny town of Asolo, immediately fell in love with the history, the food, the culture.... and lucky enough for her.. a handsome classmate named Brandon. The two married in 2014, and welcomed baby Jett into the world in 2017. Brandon & Meg have a passion for travel, adventure, photography, style and story telling.

Why Alexander - Alexandra?

It was actually one of the things that first bonded Brandon and Meg in Italy all those years ago as they discovered her middle name was Alexandra - and his - Alexander. 

Meg Cusick:

In the pursuit of a creative outlet, Meg developed Alexander-Alexandra to share life's little adventures, big and small, with friends, family, and beyond. A lover of fitness, photography, fashion, travel, puppies, and pizza, Meg is excited to write her story one blog post at a time. 

Brandon Cusick:

Brandon's passion for photography rubbed off quickly on Meg and he has taught her everything she knows. Brandon is a world traveler - many times over, can speak Italian, and knows his way around a tennis court and is a national runner-up doubles champ. 

Cusick Family in Arizona